no just do

if we fall in love
because someone makes us laugh,
what happens when we no longer find them funny?

if we fall in love
because someone is beautiful,
what happens when that beauty fades?

if we fall in love
because someone can provide for us,
what happens when they lose their wealth?

Love defies all reasons...

when you truly love someone,
you can't just find a reason...
you just do...



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thank you flickr for the photo :)
I can't remember who sent me this, but still thank you :)

nice sharing, some times fallin love make us not better :(

what do you mean, not feel better or better person? im sorry cant get your point really.

it does make us better though..depends if it's real and if it evolves..

love is just another feeling like happiness, sadness, anxiety or anger. The moment you take love out of that domain and try to put it in a higher becomes a burden.

wow!!! very true emotions....i really loved it.

@nipun garodia
whoa sounds like it's a burden to you..well, love for me is not just another feeling..

thank you, glad you liked it:)

Happy New Year..thank you for sharing

i like it...
when i'm falling in love, just not find a reason but love him with all my heart

Amazing. I'm loving your blog, by the way!

Hope you'll check out mine too!

sorry for the late late to greet you New Year so Happy V day instead!

Thank you! Glad you liked it :) Yeah it's what true love is all about friend.

Thanks a lot! :)
Your blog site is fierce! I'll visit again..

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