if I could...

if I could get the pain you're feelin'
I would...

if I could shed your tears
I would...

if I could stop your fears
I would...

I would just put all your pain in mine..
cry all your tears in my eyes..
add all your fears to mine..

if I could just make you smile...

if you would only let me..
then I never have to cry...



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thanks Ashley for the beautiful photo.. :)

If I could make YOU happy...I would.

no need, I am happy..

thank you for the comment ;p

if someone could make you happier...would you accept it? lol...nice feeling :)

cant describe how happy I am right now...just knowin she's there, I wont ask for more.

thank you for the comment and following :)

oh i see :), im happy for you. Hope life keeps treating you in the best way. Take care.

thank you :)

life is not always a heaven, but as soon as we taste the heaven, we better enjoy the moment..coz we never know when it'll be gone..

hope you have a wonderful life, too ;p

i agree.
we cant control the life process, cant guess the future, all we can do is to cherish, to cope with, to share,to enjoy.
thank you for wishes, have a pleasant weekend :)

yeah right ;p
thanks! happy holidays!

To me, life is subjective, we can't predict what would happen next but we can make it our live interesting by enjoy it...

heppy always!

so so true ;p

thank you :)

This is so touching...

if i can make me part of u...u'll accept it??
very very nice words...i really like your blog!!

you're already a part of me coz you're here in my blog ;p
glad you like it, thanks a lot! :) hope you'll come back and visit again

hi. i liked ur poem or watever it wuz..i like ur blog and everything..:) ttul.

thank you Carizma! hope you'll visit and leave some comments again :)

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