it's killing me

I love you but all you care about is her
she doesn't love you

you're excruciating
and it's killing me...

seeing you
waiting for her
while she wont go your way


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Im gonna share this in my facebook. I like it!

cool ;p Just click on the Share button below the post

A classic case of "I love you, you love her, she loves somebody else"? The tragedy ... or is it: the comedy ... of life? Nice blog. Lightens the days' load. Keep it up.

then kill her hunny (just kidding hehe ;p )

"let go of what kills you...
and hold on to what keeps you breathing."

--words from Spongebob


wow, it

A seminole of the classic case, but supposing it's actually a spin off of fate and the other way around... what if this time the third persona is the one saying "it's killing me...really,but i gave you my 2 cents worth."

glad it lightened your day ;p

two thumbs up ;p

if the third person's the one saying that already, then it's one a hell ride of love coaster lol

I super like it!

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