cry in a limo

sure enough money can't buy happiness
but somehow
it is more comfortable to cry
inside a limo
than in a jeep


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This blog is so cute. I like it!

Oh you have a very unique site, i like it

cool, thanks for following Ssyruuss! ;p

you can subscribe to be updated for new posts

... and if I may add: you can't satisfy a hungry stomach with tons of "i love you."

This one's nice, reality bites- ish! But still we need to go on the B side... what if in reality the issue is not about money, as everybody sure aims to have it; given the opportune and time. What if there are loads more to behold?...

yeah, but the sender chose the otherwise and I think I have to agree with her in often instances...besides the limo is cute, love it! lol

Loved this one. Given the circumstances, perhaps id still go for the good ol' jeep. Not on the bad light, but given the law of gravity; what good is a limo anyway, when someday it will be reduced to crap...

I'd still stick with our sturdy jeep, because when you cry you can do the "drift." The limo clearly can't...

hmmm, you're POVs are reasonable and i feel your thoughts..

all I can say is, crying makes us sick. where ever we may be, limo or jeep, we still feel the same

thanks again jam for dropping by! cheers! ;p

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