She sends her kiss a thousand times a second now –
why wait – the clock says more will be along –
and soon our bodies touch and lightly melt as one –
her lips so sweet and pure – wake up the dawn –


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What a beautiful treat to see my words here in your blog, blaise. You are so good to do that. I hope folks read my poems. They are all romantic. You are not wrongsent today, but heaven sent always to me. Mwaaaaaaaah. Lots of love from me always and forever, baby :)

Cathy Nerujeb (aka Astra Nomik)

Oops, sorry for the typo, blaise :)

hi babe :) people must read your works coz they are so beautiful. I'll put some of your hubs here at my sidebar soon. You are heaven sent too <3 and I love you. mwaaaaaaaah!

Thought of changing the name of my blog site but my followers knew it as wrongsent so I guess gonna keep it that way. xoxoxo

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