what she means...

when I tell you
I love you

It doesn't mean
you have to stay...

it just means
I wish you would never leave...


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thank you "D Sharon Pruitt" for the cute photo :)

thank you KC for this post!

I kinda get it but I don't see the point of it..well whatever, I'll just wait for some readers feedback

nice one KC!

It means different thing to different people I would say. Loving is not possessing therefore I go with just wishing for his or her happiness. Thank you for sharing, nice pix.

yup yup it depends on one's view. True love is not selfish, I agree to that :)

...still the meaning is not clear. "doesn't mean to stay but she wished one would not leave" Where is that going??? lol

Another great post to ponder upon. The lines' intentions maybe pure but it clearly crosses the borders of selfishness. If one were to have all, including that of the undying love of the other; what would then be left for the other one?...

A breather but on the otherside, a no brainer...

The Scribe

hmm so your view was bout a love triangle, was it? or an affair of more than two? I wonder why.. lol

do i have to unfold the real meaning of this post? lol

hello, WS yup. I was just delving on the concept, as to see what could be everyone's view regarding this dark side of a relationship. Cheers always!

hello The Scribe! Cheers! :)

yah, I'm so glad to hear readers views bout the posts in here. This one though is much intriguing..

your blog site is cool BTW :p

Sunshine Award

Award for your awesome blog.

wow, it's an honor to be included on your nominees...gotta follow the rules to show my appreciation. THANKS A LOT! and Goodluck and to all the nominees :)

Wot a lovely thought.

thank you darknlight :)

I love this because it is so true....Lovely.

This puts everything in perspective ...

love the bright red love color...
cute and beautiful!

jingle, welcome!

Women are gift to speak by using indirect language. I hope i could understand and speak in the same language.

When i say i love you it means I wanna share my happiness to you.

Sometimes we get caught up explaining how we feel to our partner .... when it can be explained in so little words.

It's beautiful.

you guys, thanks a lot :)

Sharon - thank you for the beautiful comment. Yup, little words sometimes say a lot and say it all ;)

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