then again it's you!

i wanna think of someone else
who would be there for me

someone who could erase all my worries
dance me in the rain
sing me a song
make me live to smile

someone who could make me whole again...

but then
all i could just think about
is you...

and how i wanna breathe again...


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OMG this is fantastic!
I think I'm falling for you

I think you should know that I'm a girl ;p


anyway, thanks for dropping by!

very cool! really like it!

Hey some girls like other girls.

Nice site. To bad I have a tendency to say things to people's faces, even when I shouldn't.

glad you like it ;p

thanks! I agree, everybody likes everybody I think ;p you're cool, thanks for your honesty ;p

Really cool content you have here. cheers for your one of a kind site and more power always!

thanks jam ;p
hey, saw your blog, it's cute as well. I like your headline, "Life's nothing but a beach...!"


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this post is really, really good.
So sweet and romantic, wish I had someone that I could send it to having a bit of boyfriend trouble. But doesn't everyone sometimes :)

thanks for droppin by again Emma! :)
how are you buddie?

well perhaps sometime you could send it when that sad moment occurred..

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