once upon a time

Peyton once said,

"there's nothing wrong with believing in fairy tales...
because in the end, we all live happily ever after."


she forgot one important detail...

not everyone we fall in love with
means it's a "happily ever after" story

most of the time,
it's just...

once upon a time


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There was a time when i believed in fairy tales and even simpler things like movies. Its kinda amazing on how much one can dream of those things to happen in our lives disregarding every fact that they are just stories. Well, some movies may be true but as lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, it doesn't happen in real life at all.

that's so deep yet i agree with you, it's true. that's a heartwarming comment from a man...

hope you'll find your dream girl jabo

all the best

it's just before "the right person" comes along, there would come the bad ones right?

yeah this quote suits that:

"You have to meet a few wrong ones before you can appreciate the right one..." --Lauren Conrad

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